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World War 1

Dad was in the First World War Flying and photographing enemy lines. He was in The Royal Flying Corp which later became the Royal Airforce. His story is in Cry for me Argentina (see my books). Doesn’t he look cute? He always had curly hair and I remember him plastering it down with oil and… Continue reading World War 1



Salad without tomatoes everyday. Waiting for toms to turn red! Green peppers are ready! Some in the freezer and some decorate my evening meal. Chicken cooked slowly with garlic and sliced peppers - yummy!

PROOF arrived, EDITING done and now published on CreateSpace and Kindle! It’s a Mystery, Adventure story beginning with a vile murder in England. Silvina meets the handsome, Harry, an investigative journalist. Together they search for Gabriella, the lost mother. Travel with them to Bordeaux, a city with a hidden secret and eventually to Haiti where… Continue reading