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Lily & Rose

Is that an ant on the wax-like petal? It must be a fly... Apricot beauty - diseased leaf & dry, dry soil. What a summer in our normally green and pleasant land...



Salad without tomatoes everyday. Waiting for toms to turn red! Green peppers are ready! Some in the freezer and some decorate my evening meal. Chicken cooked slowly with garlic and sliced peppers - yummy!

PROOF arrived, EDITING done and now published on CreateSpace and Kindle! It’s a Mystery, Adventure story beginning with a vile murder in England. Silvina meets the handsome, Harry, an investigative journalist. Together they search for Gabriella, the lost mother. Travel with them to Bordeaux, a city with a hidden secret and eventually to Haiti where… Continue reading

Do Mothers Disappear?

Silvina has to cope with her father’s brutal murder. With her friend Harry she begins her quest to find her mother. Where is she? Does she find her? Sign up on my blog to be   sent news of publication date. This cover is one of many ... Decisions, Decisions!!!