A good year for butterflies. I have several butterfly plants in the garden and they love the hot weather. The only one I detest is the white cabbage butterfly because the caterpillars destroy the plants before harvest time.



April/May 2017

Success at last! It does take three years for an asparagus bed to develope. Imagine my delight when I saw the shoots appearing through the weeds. To tell you the truth I had given up and even walked over the ground so I was lucky to get anything at all. Now the channel will be weeded and fed and I should have been patient – I did read about it in my Vegetable Garden book.


1916 – 2016 Today we remember

Posted on 1st July 2016




Sybil and William lived through two World Wars – Today on the first of July we remember those who did not survive.

Read about their intriguing lives in CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA

One hundred years ago on the Western Front

Posted 29th June 2016



‘Boys stubbed out of existence in this evil war. No more happy family reunions for these two. No dreams of weddings or looking forward to grandchildren like most of us. Sybil buried her head in her Mother’s shawl. How can God be so cruel?’ (David, her first love, had been posted as missing)

Cry for me Argentina (See my books)

My Bonsai Oak Tree

10th May 2016

What happened  on a day in May?  When we went closer we saw the wood shavings on the ground and when we looked up there was a perfect hole. Barry looked in and jumped because two eyes stared at him. Has the Green Woodpecker moved in? Waiting patiently for babies!

Certain brown creatures are banned from this area!









Shakespeare’s Birthday

Posted on 25th April 2016


‘I must go seek some dew-drops here And hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear’ (Midsummer Night’s Dream)

‘Make me a willow cabin at your gate, And call upon my soul within the house’ (Twelfth Night)




The first Kindle cover for my first novel included the Jacaranda trees as a background. Then I discovered CreateSpace and changed the cover (See my books)

The cover and the title of a book has to draw the reader’s attention but the marketing has to be right to find the correct audience.






Sybil loved the Jacaranda trees that lined the streets in Buenos Aires. William found their first home in Caseros. The family of three watched the fireflies in the hot summer evenings but troubles were brewing in Europe and soon the peace would be shattered! Cry for me Argentina is available as a Paperback and as an eBook from Amazon.

SUPPORT AN INDIE AUTHOR – This year I have downloaded three novels to my kindle. Also I purchased two Paperbacks. All were written by Indie Authors. Enjoyed some more than others but I think if we all tried doing this next year, it would be a boost to morale!

Visit to three delightful gardens in the month of August 2015

Upton House and Gardens

Walter Samuel, the second Viscount Bearsted, bought the estate in nineteen twenty seven. In nineteen thirty eight Lady Bearsted employed Kitty Lloyd Jones to re-design the gardens. The two women became friends and together created the fashionable Bog Garden, Rock Garden and the herbaceous borders around the Kitchen Garden.

Kiftsgate Court Gardens

Here the gardens are the creation of three women gardeners – Heather Muir in the twenties followed by her daughter, Diany Binny in the fifties and now in the care of her daughter Anne Chambers who lives here with her hussband. ‘It is a series of interconnecting gardens each with its distinct character and secrets.’




Mrs. Winthrope bought an exposed field for her son Lawrence Johnston and in just thirty years he turned it into one of the country’s great gardens. ‘There’s always something new to see as he carefully designed each garden room to peak at different times of the year.





Visit all three if you can find the time. All are near Stratford on Avon so you can include a play in the evening in Shakespeare’s birth place!

Roses in June and July

July 26th 2015

The roses at Maydene were a picture in June. Then in July when the children started their summer holiday, the English summer kicked in with torrential rain and devastating winds. The beds are now full of the petals – SAD!




Places visited by my characters in ‘Cry for me Argentina

July 7th 2015


Perrito Moreno Glacier :  ‘Gigantic and so inspirational that it makes our problems insignificant!’

DSCF0100   DSCF0094

DSCF0118  DSCF0091

Rabbit Pie

23rd June 2015

‘One day Dad came home with a furry creature. It was a stoat. The boys called him Sam and they were taught by Dad to catch and shoot rabbits. Sam’s job is to flush rabbits out of their holes. Mother makes stews and pies with the meat and rabbit is everyone’s favourite food. I never go on the shoots but I do forget the cruel bits when I’m eating the delicious pies. Jason calls me a hypocrite, but I can’t help it because I don’t like seeing animals being killed.’

(Chapter three – ‘Cry for me Argentina’ – see my books.

The Garden in May

22nd May 2015

Lily on pond

The first lily blooms in the pond and the Goldfish are coming up to be fed.

Beech tree

The Copper Beech is the last tree to break into leaf in all its glory. Now we are waiting for the Laburnums to flower, probably next month unless we have a heatwave!

Eggs in the Nest

16th May 2015


I have five Field Spaniels – four are relatively young and still act as puppies. Mary is the matriarch, mother to three of the youngsters. She is getting on in years and walks on an extended lead. This particular day the puppies (as we still call them) rushed up the garden and Mary and I rambled quietly up behind them. She suddenly stopped and started sniffing round a particular tree and there not well hidden was the nest with thirteen eggs.

Luckily the others were busy looking for mice in the wood pile so I calmly walked back to the house trying to bribe the young ones with treats. They fell for it as usual so after giving them a biscuit I had to make a decision about the nest. I came to the conclusion that it would not last a night and feeling guilty I took the eggs. At least the fox wouldn’t get them and there was Mary staring at me! ‘We could have them for tea!’ I thought she said. So that evening and the following one my Field Spaniels had a small hard boiled egg on the top of their usual food. After all she was hunting to feed her family!

Still when I saw the Pheasant hen walking by the window, I felt sorry that I had vandalised her nest!


24th December 2014


 Christmas Decorations  Either – Put your tree and decorations up when your Fields are out on a long—long—long walk and hope they are tired when they return. (Is that possible?) Or do it when they are present pleading with them and taking a chance – they may destroy your handiwork when you leave the room. The males will help, as they usually do, by watering the tree for you.

Christmas Food  Either – prepare the food when the dogs are out of the kitchen, asleep or being entertained by a friend. Or allow them in the kitchen and be prepared to be followed by a line of Fields pushing and shoving to gain the best spot. Turn quickly and fall over one of them – try to keep your temper – perhaps swear quietly to yourself!

Visitors  Either be prepared for non-doggie orientated friends by offering them a strong drink when they arrive. Put the air fresheners on at full pelt and spray the place with Febreze. Or don’t bother and feel embarrassed when visitors look knowingly at each other thinking the place stinks and even brushing chairs with their gloves before they sit down!

Jumping up  Either be prepared to stop the dogs jumping up on your visitors, especially the wee folk. Or spend time in Accident & Emergency when they knock Grandma over!

Feeding the little TREASURES: Either keep to your normal routine, Chappie and biscuits.Or spoil them with bits of turkey, gravy, sausage meat resulting in upset tummies or even AN URGENT OUT OF HOURS CALL TO THE VET!

CONCLUSION – Whatever happens – Hope for the best – Just relax and enjoy the darlings!


October 2014


I’ve had a vine in the greenhouse since we first moved to Maydene and this year we’ve had a bumper crop. The grapes are sweet but on the small side because they were not thinned out as they should have been.

Just back from Alaska

June 3rd 2014

Thought you would like to see one of the rare creatures I met:


It’s a Grizzly bear and apparently we were very lucky to see him early in the morning.  The journey was fabulous, wild life, glaciers, waterfalls and impressive lakes – some frozen and others beginning to thaw.  I shall post some more pictures later.  I was pleased to see my own small brown bears on my return to the Island.


The Welsh snowdrops are forming a carpet and almost reaching the orchard. Just now the Camellias, Magnolias and Flowering Cherries make a beautiful picture. I hope to add photos during the seasons in the garden. Suggestions for short topics would be appreciated and please let me have your views about the blog (kind ones only please!).