Winnie the Pooh Bathroom

My three little friends are moving because my downstairs toilet room is being re-decorated. I think it’s time to change the theme. My eldest grandson is over twenty years old and researching something or other at Cardiff University and my eldest Granddaughter is at Uni. doing Media Studies.  It is time to change! I’ll let… Continue reading Winnie the Pooh Bathroom



The weather has been so terrible that I have not been able to walk to the top of my garden. Louise took the dogs up and kindly took some photos for me. It was frosty that day   so the flowers looked frozen. Mungo had to show us up by sitting on the Snowdrops!!! The… Continue reading Snowdrops

My visitor last Saturday made a delicious salad. This dressing would be good on meat and mixed in with pasta. I think I shall use this recipe and cook it with a roast dinner.


I’ve just had part of my novel edited and I’m ashamed to say that the bulk of my red crosses (sometimes green) appeared where I omitted or used the incorrect punctuation. At my Writing Group we usually read out our latest chapter followed by members giving us a critique. They don’t see the punctuation or… Continue reading Punctuation